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Responsible Care®, developed by the Canadian chemical industry, is a United Nations recognized sustainability initiative. All Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) members, including Procor, are committed to continuously improving all aspects of their environmental, health and safety performance; accepting responsibility for emissions management and reduction; ensuring openness about activities and achievements; and working with stakeholders to identify and reduce risk throughout the entire life-cycle of their products.

Procor was the first rail car leasing company to join Responsible Care, in 2002. We are classified as a transportation partner. As part of our ongoing commitment to the principles of Responsible Care, we are held accountable to its codes and ethics, and are open to public verification on a triennial basis.

Procor is proud to be part of Responsible Care. Not only does our commitment to the Responsible Care ethic and principles benefit us organizationally, it also provides a focus for commitment to sustainability for our future.

Responsible Care® and Safety

Our focus on value-based solutions, professionalism and business simplification, coexists with our commitment to continually improve our health, safety and environment performance, and guide our business by Responsible Care® principles.

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Wade Osborne — 905-465-8542

Procor's Accessible Customer Service policy is available upon request. To access our accessibility policies and procedures, accessibility compliance reports, or to make an inquiry regarding our Customer Service Feedback process please contact the Responsible Care department.

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